Intacct : SmartLink Fetch


Imagine a world where all your databases come together as one. You’ve probably already heard about Intacct and SalesForce CRM integration -which is amazing! BUT did you know you can set up different links within the Intacct interface that display real time external web contents?

Imagine you have 3 systems:

Intacct : managed by your Accounting/Finance department

SalesForce : managed by your Sales and Customer Service department

Customer Web-Based Database : managed by your Engineering department (housing customer specific information like customer name, financial entity name, plan limits, plan summary, users, etc.)

You probably already know how Intacct and SalesForce are besties and it’s made everyone’s lives easier. But then there’s that engineering customer database (or whatever database you have) living over in it’s own lonely, separate world. Imagine being able to set your customer up in Intacct and at the same time see/set their plan limits. Can you imagine a world where you’re able to see not only what a customer is paying for, but also what services they have, their plan limits, etc. Any discrepancies would be SO easy to spot! Everyone would be on the same page! That’s where SmartLink Fetch comes in!

Now that I’ve gotten you all hyped up (and you’re probably saying that all sounds too good to be true!), let me prove it’s possible by taking you through the process of setting it up! It’s so easy you’ll wonder why you went all this time without it (which is exactly what I said when I found this feature).

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