2015 was a great year! I learned more than I think I was expecting to. If you’ve been wondering where I disappeared to – unfortunately I have not gone on to brainwashing the world quite yet (2017 roadmap).  This year, I have some exciting news to share… In November I started writing for CLA: CliftonLarsonAllen’s Intacct blog. (Check it out here!).

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 3.10.18 PM.png

I’m pretty excited about the opportunity (a little nervous and self conscious that more people will be reading it but mostly excited). The goal of the Intacct blog was to help people who were like me (new to Intacct and not really having any resources to help them as they learn) make their jobs easier, learn how cool technology can be, and have a little fun along the way. I wanted to share what I think are really cool features of this software as I learned it. So the fact that I get to do that for a larger audience I think is a good thing. I really am excited to share my knowledge.

A lot has happened since my last post on excelwizards. More notably, I’ve had some fun diving into Platform Services and building custom applications. I think my favorite part of Intacct is the ability to customize the software to meet your business requirements.

Here are some of the platform applications I’ve built so far:

Collections Application: read it here!

Claims Management: (this one is really neat and was one of the more fun ones) read it here!

So it’s not that I’m leaving excelwizards, it’s more so I’m moving my knowledge base (and brain) to CLA’s website. You are welcome to follow me there (we have new improvements coming to the blog this summer too!). Added benefit: we have guest blog posts from other brilliant members of our CLA Intacct team too!?


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