Filtering Reports & Dashboards for Current User

Sorry for disappearing for a little while – I haven’t abandoned the blog quite yet! So now back to your regularly scheduled Intacct program …


It’s 10pm, you close your laptop, close your eyes and then suddenly you remember the project managers are expecting to receive a report on their projects P&L. Your eyes scrunch closed trying to erase what you just remembered from your memory. That didn’t work. So you open your eyes and open up your laptop to Intacct (at least you switched to the cloud so you can do this from home instead of waiting until the morning). Alright, here we go let’s create 10 reports. But wait! Remember Intacct’s spring 2015 release? Didn’t they say something about filtering reports and dashboards for current users? That caught your attention. So you think to yourself: “I can create 1 report and just filter for the project manager!” Done. So let’s do this!

  1. Creating the Project Group:

a. Navigate to: Accounts Receivable > Open Setup > Project Groups > Add


b. Edit the Filter Tab to: change the “Operator” to “is Current User” (not the Value, it’s the operator. I bet you’d never guess that’s where the filter for current user is! (It’s not instinctive.


  1. Apply that filter to the report!

(The only thing to remember here is to duplicate your report. This way, you (not being a project manager) can see the P&L by all projects.)

a. Navigate to: Reports > Profit & Loss – Detail – Project Wise > Edit (pencil icon) > Filters Step – change the Project Filter to the Project Group you just created (“PM Group” above).



Now, when your Project Manager logs in to Intacct, they see the P&L for only their Projects.

Below are some screenshots which compare a P&L for all projects versus what each individual Project Manager will see.

Original P&L Project-Wise (Including all Projects):Picture5

What your Project Manager sees when they run the P&L as a project manager of the Project 1001:
I made the assumption that I am the manager of Project 1001 – Audit (North Lakes Dental) as seen below by going to: Accounts Receivable > Projects > Edit Project 1001

As long as each of your Projects has a project manager, all you need to do is create the Project Group with a filter for Current User and apply that Project Group to the Filter tab of the report.

Add this report to a Dashboard and voila your Project Managers log in to Intacct and first thing they see is the P&L for their projects.

Tip: How do you add a report to your Dashboard?

Reports > Edit the Profit & Loss – Detail – Project Wise > Next Steps tab > Add this report to a Dashboard


Now what your Project Managers will see:


Take it a step further by creating a Dashboard for your Project Managers and filter for current user! How do you do that?


Navigation: Dashboards > Edit your Dashboard > Click the gear looking icon on the top right > Filters Tab

Adding the Project Dimension here enables you to filter a Dashboard by a Project Groups:


Now that Project is a drop down filter, you can change that to the Project Manager Group you created which filters for current user and bam! You just created a dashboard you can use across all project managers. With one single group creation you created 10 (or however many reports and personalized dashboards for your Project Managers). With one single dashboard. Yep. It’s almost like Intacct is trying to put you out of a job. Now what are you going to do with all your free time?


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