Creating Value That Doesn’t Exist … Yet

Every business ever started, every invention ever created, began with one question:

“What do I know; what valuable information do I possess somewhere in my brain that would be valuable to someone else that they do not have?” 

I learned that lesson in this podcast on Pat Flynn’s website called Smart Passive Income (which if you’ve never heard of – he’s awesome! not just because he’s from my hometown of San Diego. Go listen to it – you’ll be inspired!).

I was listening to this on New Years Day and still remember this part:

Pat was interviewing Joseph Michael (the Scrivener Coach). Joseph Michael (not his real name) was talking about how he had gotten started. He had first created an eBook on topics he knew, SEO and that type of thing – he described it as the most beautiful eBook that no one ever saw. He spent months on it, thinking that’s what people wanted, people were going to love it! Turned out, nobody wanted it. That’s when he learned his first lesson:

You have to survey your audience. You have to build what they want, not what you think they want.”

So one day, he was struggling with teaching his daughter how to tie her shoes. (Something so instinctive that most people forget how they even learned.) So he did some research. He then did a post on teaching his daughter to tie her shoes (of all things). That post went viral! This beautiful eBook he had spent months on creating, no one read, then this post on tying shoes goes viral! That’s an important lesson: It solves a very specific problem that people really need. He went on to create the Scrivener eBook (during his lunch breaks in his car and after work), and was able to quit his job.

That is the essential question of any business, isn’t it? Not, what do I want to give people, but what do people not have that they are asking for (or don’t even know they want yet)? That selfless question. It’s about stepping outside yourself and seeing what value you can provide others. Not what value do you want to provide them, but what value are they asking for that doesn’t exist which you can provide.

Let’s just say, I listened to this post on New Year Day 2015 and on January 6, 2015 my very first post went up on excelwizards about Intacct. (Followed by the Smart Rules post at the end of the month).

So now I have a new idea, I like it enough and know it could be possible (I won’t say it’s great until it’s done), I’d like to share but …

Anyone can have an idea (lots of people do) it’s what you do about it that matters. We’ll see how this goes.

I’d like to end this post on a thoughtful note: The best thing you can do for anyone is to believe in their strengths and recognize their accomplishments. The greater they feel their accomplishments are, the more confident they’ll feel sharing them with the world.

Have any inspirational blogs, podcasts, posts to share? Share them with me! I’ll geek out with you. I love this stuff.


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