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If you’ve been using Intacct Order Entry, you might have used the Print/E-mail Documents feature. Handy tool, right? You can instantly send out Sales Orders, Sales Invoices, Sales Credit Memos in bulk in just a few clicks. It’s pretty cool and makes the process of sending invoices much less agonizing. So Intacct solved that problem but then came along another issue. The actual email that is sent to your customers. There was no way to customize the email.

As a business, your interactions with a customer is what defines their experience. A lot of times it’s what can set you off on the right or wrong foot. Imagine closing a deal with a new customer, finance processing the charge and then the customer gets this email:

Subject: Document Due on 06/10/2015 for Customer- America’s Gardening Resource

Body: Dear Customer,

A document is attached to this e-mail as a PDF file.
Document No. Sales Invoice-INV0060
Due Date: 06/10/2015

If you have any questions, please reply to this e-mail.

To view this, click on the attachment. Adobe Acrobat should launch. If you do not have Acrobat installed on your computer, you can download it from here .

Kathy Jastrzebski
Okay, that’s not all that bad. I mean it’s not horrible. Besides the fact that some people may take your email subject to mean they need to pay this invoice (which if this is after they already paid – could start a fire). BUT, what if instead of that email your new customer got this email:

Subject: Thank You for Your Business, America’s Gardening Resource

Body: Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you for your business! We appreciate it very much. Attached, please find a copy of your Invocie for the charge on 06/02/2015. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact

Thank you!

Kathy Jastrzebski

Much better, right? Not only does that set up the customer interaction on the right foot, but it sets a precedence for all future interactions.

That’s one possible use of the Intacct Order Entry Email Template. Another might be if emails being sent out to generic AP email inboxes need to have a specific subject line containing the PO. Sometimes that’s a requirement for the AP admin to process the invoice (which if not formatted correctly could lead to a delay in payment).

So let’s go through setting up a Custom Email Document by following these 3 easy steps:

  1. Navigation:

Order Entry > Open Setup > Email Templates > +


  1. The Email Template:


The Fields:

Section 1: Email Template Document Information

Name: Name of the Template so you can find it later. I named this one “New Customer Email”. The name will show up in the drop down list when you run the Email/Print Documents Report in Order Entry.


Description: (Optional) This would be a description of the template.

Status: Active / Inactive – If the template is active, it will be available in the Email/Print Documents Report in Order Entry. Inactive will take it out of this list.

Section 2: Addresses

Reply To: This is the sender’s email address that will appear in the email. If you’d like the recipient to email you back directly you can put your email. However, if you’d prefer responses to go to a generic email now’s your chance!

Contact Lookup: This is a neat little tool Intacct gave us. If you’ve ever used the Intacct Catalog to write injection parameters (these things: {!SODOCUMENT.CONTACT.EMAIL!}) you will reeeeally appreciate this tool. It basically asks you what you want to lookup and tells you the injection parameter for it. It’s awesome and I love it!

To: Use the Contact Lookup above to find the injection parameter needed to send the email to the right person.

Section 3: Message Content

Doc Element Lookup: Meet your new best friend. Like the Contact Lookup, this little tool asks you what field you want to insert into your email and then returns the injection parameters for you to copy and paste into the message.

Subject: You can use a combination of Injection Parameters and text in this field.

Final Step!

  1. Send an Email!

Send an email using your new template by navigating to: Order Entry > Print/Email Documents. Then choose the Override Email Template at the very bottom with your new email template and go ahead and Send! I would send the first test email to yourself to make sure it works properly.



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