Intacct : SmartLink Fetch


Imagine a world where all your databases come together as one. You’ve probably already heard about Intacct and SalesForce CRM integration -which is amazing! BUT did you know you can set up different links within the Intacct interface that display real time external web contents?

Imagine you have 3 systems:

Intacct : managed by your Accounting/Finance department

SalesForce : managed by your Sales and Customer Service department

Customer Web-Based Database : managed by your Engineering department (housing customer specific information like customer name, financial entity name, plan limits, plan summary, users, etc.)

You probably already know how Intacct and SalesForce are besties and it’s made everyone’s lives easier. But then there’s that engineering customer database (or whatever database you have) living over in it’s own lonely, separate world. Imagine being able to set your customer up in Intacct and at the same time see/set their plan limits. Can you imagine a world where you’re able to see not only what a customer is paying for, but also what services they have, their plan limits, etc. Any discrepancies would be SO easy to spot! Everyone would be on the same page! That’s where SmartLink Fetch comes in!

Now that I’ve gotten you all hyped up (and you’re probably saying that all sounds too good to be true!), let me prove it’s possible by taking you through the process of setting it up! It’s so easy you’ll wonder why you went all this time without it (which is exactly what I said when I found this feature).

Navigation :

Customization Services > SmartLink Fetch > Add


Step 1 : Choose Object to Extend


Sounds familiar, right? That’s because this is the same first step when creating Smart Rules and Smart Events. It’s essentially where you would like the SmartLink Fetch window that displays the external web content to live. I chose the Customer in this example. I would like the customer care database to be easily accessible to us as we’re setting up the customer or making changes. (Accessibility is key to processes being followed completely. The easier you make something, the more likely it will actually get done!)

Step 2 : Select Fetch Properties

Three key things here: Target, Condition, and Height & Width.


  • Target – this is the URL of the website we’re fetching. In this example it was pretty simple I just used the website of our Customer Database https://ccare….com (that’s not the full website for privacy reasons).
  • Condition – The condition is here so that you can tell Intacct when you want it to fetch the external web content. If you leave the condition blank, it will fetch it every time (on every customer). I chose to have the Customer Care database show only if the customer has a username so I wrote: {!CUSTOMER.USER_NAME!}!=”” .
  • Height & Width – This is the easiest part! It allows you to specify the size (in pixels) of the window that will display the content. I played around with it until I found the right fit.

Step 3 : Select Deployment Options

Guess what just snuck up on you! The very last step! I bet you didn’t even see that coming.


    • Label – This can be any name you would like (there aren’t even space restrictions! what?! Intacct is just gettin’ crazy!). I went with “Ccare Information”
    • Smart Link ID – This get’s auto populated when you fill out the “Label” field.
    • Show On Page – This is important. You can have the SmartLink Fetch show on an existing tab on your customer or you can create a new special tab all for itself. I chose to create a new separate tab called “Ccare”. *The only other note I have is that the SmartLink Fetch window is only available if you “view” the customer. If you click to “edit” the customer, it disappears.

Up next, I’ll tackle the General Ledger Financial Reports Wizard!

(I’m also considering tackling the Winter 2015 release that just came out because I love the changes that were made – especially the invoice screen from the Customer AR Ledger  (it’s so user friendly now! and the layout is just so pretty!). However, there’s a strange bug in the recurring template that came up and I thought I could help others who might have run into the same problem. I found a work around (although it’s somewhat annoying),  I’m just waiting to see whether it’s specific to our company or *fingers crossed* Intacct magical engineers fix the problem).


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